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Quality Healthcare: Beyond the Commodity Mentality

When it comes to managing healthcare, a common but critical mistake is to treat medical care as a mere commodity. This approach, focusing primarily on minimizing unit costs, fails to consider the complex dynamics of healthcare quality.   Let’s explore why understanding and investing in high-quality healthcare goes far beyond simple cost metrics.  The Commodity Mentality…

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Addressing the Hidden Costs of Health Insurance on the HR Power Hour

The intangible benefits of a healthier, happier workforce are some of the greatest benefits Curally can provide to an organization, even going beyond the already substantial financial benefits.  That was the primary topic of conversation when Curally CFO Jeremy Vesta joined Tawny Alvarez on the HR Power Hour, a weekly radio show and podcast that…

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Discussing Curally, Nurse Coaching and Medicine 3.0 on The Value Creators Podcast

On October 16, 2023, Curally CFO Jeremy Vesta appeared on The Value Creators Podcast with economist Hunter Hastings to discuss Curally’s unique approach to health, coaching, and culture. “The results are driven based on the human existence,” said Vesta. “We’re forming relationships, we’re forming trust, we’re bringing expertise in by way of nurses. We’re helping…

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Reducing the Cost of Specialty Drugs 

As we’ve previously discussed, reducing the cost of specialty drugs is becoming a hot topic. Specialty drugs are rapidly becoming one of the biggest parts of health plans in the United States today and cost reduction is the biggest issue. They make up more than half of all prescription costs, and that number has only…

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The Rise of Specialty Drugs: Enhancing Healthcare Solutions

What do you think are the fastest growing parts of health plans in the United States today? It is prescription drugs – and within that broader category, it is specialty drugs. Even when overall healthcare costs decline, as they did in the 2021 Milliman Medical Index, pharmacy costs still increased.  It’s by far the fastest…

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Understanding Kidney and Renal Disease

Kidney and renal disease may be often overlooked, but they can have profound effects on your life. If you suffer from these conditions, they can significantly reduce your quality of life and impact your longevity.  These diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. While millions of people are diagnosed…

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4 Steps to Manage Your Type 2 Diabetes for Life

There’s a good chance that you or someone close to you suffers from type 2 diabetes. The condition is spreading rapidly across the United States. According to the most recent data, more than 37 million Americans have diabetes and type 2 diabetes covers more than 90% of these cases.  It’s a shocking number. It means…

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Hypertension: The Silent Threat You Shouldn’t Ignore

Some health conditions have distinct, obvious symptoms that make them easy to spot. But conditions that don’t have clear symptoms can sometimes be even more dangerous. That’s why we want to take time today to discuss a silent killer: hypertension, or high blood pressure. Your blood pressure needs to be more than an obligatory measurement…

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Engaging Health Plan Participants is a Key to Better Health and Lower Costs (and it’s our focus!)

Is your healthcare management program designed to be effective where it counts most? Does it target the critical element for better outcomes and sustainable change? Employers are challenged to ensure their health benefit programs are delivering on their promise of healthier, more productive employees at the lowest cost. Healthcare management programs are intended to help with…

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Diet and the Gut: Pathway to Health (or Disease)

This year, the National Breast Cancer Foundation estimates that nearly 339,000 women and 2,710 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the US. For the thousands of women and men afflicted with breast cancer, and many other diseases, the key to survival may…

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