Nurse-Led Care Coach:
Be better than yesterday


What IS a Nurse-Lead Care Coach, Anyway?

Nurse-led care coaching is a relationship-driven approach to health led by experienced nurses and medical professionals. We partner with companies to provide employees with the support they need to achieve transformational health results, from chronic conditions and major health problems.

Curally’s nurses work with you one-on-one to create personalized health plans, coordinate care with your current doctors, and offer advice and motivation every step of the way.

Everyone can do more when we have someone helping alongside us. We have the knowledge and compassion to help you make lasting changes, with a true coach at your side.

Meet the Nurses

Our nurses work directly with each patient, creating a curated relationship-driven experience unique to each participant.

We Do Things Differently

We are driven by what works, not what makes us rich...

Who We Help

Curally focuses on the individuals on your team who need the most care. We identify high risk individuals who are suffering from chronic conditions or major cases, where extra attention and support can make the biggest difference!

What We Cover

Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Respiratory Disease, Gastrointestinal Disease, Organ Transplant Care, Mismatched Care, Multi-Conditions And More


What We're Not

As a nurse-led care coach, Curally is not the same kind of healthcare company you've worked with before.

We are not an insurance company.
We are not affiliated with a hospital.
We are not a primary care physician.
We are not a telemedicine provider.

No self-dealing. No ulterior motives. We’re just in it for the people who need help.

We’re in it for you.

Words we live for

The whole reason we do this is for these stories to happen

"I'm astonished.
It's almost a miracle."

Curally Participant's Doctor

"the best healthcare resource I have ever experienced"

Retailer, Upper Midwest USA


of actively engaged participants achieved significant long-term health improvements and lower health care costs

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Let's Create Your Team's Story