Celebrate Each and Every Win


Celebrate Every Win


"I'm astonished.
It's almost a miracle!"

Patient's Doctor

Curally’s Medical Director, Dr. Ernie Vesta, was studying the claims data from one of the company’s new corporate clients when something jumped off the page. Andrew, a security professional, had generated more than $58,000 in claims in the most recent quarter. Buried deep in Andrew’s file, on a single line, were two key words: “Renal Insufficiency.”

The Curally team reached out to Andrew because they believed he might have significant kidney problems. Sure enough, once he came under Curally’s management, they got a better picture of his condition: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, difficulty walking, undiagnosed kidney stones, and, worst of all, Stage 3 kidney failure – on the border of Stage 4.

When Maria first met with her Curally nurse, she was desperate. She was working two jobs to make ends meet, struggling to keep up. Because she spoke only Spanish, she was unable to find a doctor nearby who could understand her; instead, she was traveling to Mexico for care and medications. Now her health problems were causing her to miss work – and risk eviction from her home and repossession of her car.

Fortunately, Curally was uniquely positioned to help Maria achieve a health breakthrough.

Maria was apprehensive about the program – her struggles navigating American healthcare had left her skeptical that anyone could or would help her – but Curally's team was persistent.


"Her whole countenance was changed from when we first met. She was this bright, beaming person again!"

Dr. Ernie


"The best healthcare resource I have EVER experienced"

Program Participant

If you had an opportunity to help your employees live healthier lives by managing chronic conditions and overcoming significant health crises, all while saving money on the company’s budget, would you take it?

It may sound too good to be true, but that was exactly the experience of one of Curally’s corporate clients, a retailer in the Upper Midwest. In just a single year, they saw a significant improvement in medical claims, while many employees dramatically improved their health and are looking forward to living happier, fuller lives.

Curally began working with the full range of the retailer’s employees across all departments, from front line retail to the central office, and everything in between.

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