Meet your Curally Care Coach!

Meet your Curally
Care Coach!


Nichole Smith

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Nichole's Story

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Nichole Smith is a dedicated Registered Nurse and experienced case manager. Getting her start as a Nurse’s Assistant when she was just 18, she obtained a nursing degree and worked within several local healthcare systems before joining Curally as a Care Coach.

What sets Nurse Nichole apart? Her varied experiences in the healthcare industry have given her the ability to thrive in any scenario, with any case. She has a passion for the intimate world of home health, where she doesn’t just treat patients but also embraces families through any challenge.

Not only that, but Nurse Nichole also excels in chronic disease management – making the commitment to celebrate every victory over the long haul – and specialty care, welcoming the challenge to find solutions where others see only roadblocks.

You’ll love getting to know Nurse Nichole as your Curally Care Coach, and getting on board with her mission: to empower you to become your own healthcare hero and experience incredible transformation. Join her team to begin your healthcare journey today!

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A Message from Nurse Nichole

My philosophy of providing world-class healthcare is simple: When you meet people where they’re at, you can make a real difference. Healthcare isn’t about fancy equipment or complex jargon, it’s about the human connection. The unspoken understanding that I’m not just a nurse: I’m a teammate, a confidante, a champion in my patients’ fight for well-being.

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