Meet your Curally Medical Director!

Meet your Curally
Medical Director!


Ernie Vesta

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Dr. Ernie's Story

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Dr. Ernie Vesta is the Medical Director at Curally, overseeing a team of doctors and nurses to provide patient-centered care to those who need it most, from the most vulnerable populations to the most challenging conditions.

Dreaming of becoming a doctor since childhood, Dr. Ernie achieved his dream by earning his MD from the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine and serving as an emergency room doctor.

As medical director, his specialties lie in demystifying the complex world of healthcare on behalf of participants, promoting proactive wellness, and advocating for preventative measures. Dr. Ernie believes that giving patients the tools they need to preemptively improve their wellness ultimately leads to better health and greater happiness.

Dr. Ernie is proud to work with a dedicated team of doctors and nurses who share his vision and passion for patient empowerment toward their health and support in their workplaces.

You’ll love getting to know Dr. Ernie as your Curally Medical Director. Join his team to begin your healthcare journey today!


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A Message from Dr. Ernie

I’m on a mission to make health empowering, not hindering. Join me in breaking down the walls and building a future where everyone thrives. One step, one story, one community at a time.

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