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Discussing Curally, Nurse Coaching and Medicine 3.0 on The Value Creators Podcast


On October 16, 2023, Curally CFO Jeremy Vesta appeared on The Value Creators Podcast with economist Hunter Hastings to discuss Curally’s unique approach to health, coaching, and culture.

“The results are driven based on the human existence,” said Vesta. “We’re forming relationships, we’re forming trust, we’re bringing expertise in by way of nurses. We’re helping mold and coach those nurses into effective coaches, into empathetic people, that are authentic, that are humble, and we are expending almost whatever time is necessary at whatever time of day is necessary to generate those results.”

The Value Creators Podcast looks at businesses and innovations from an economics perspective, and the conversation covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • Bringing an outsider’s perspective to the complicated, closed-off arena of healthcare
  • How nurse-led care coaching differs from traditional approaches to health and wellness
  • How to build strong relationships with plan participants and get buy-in
  • The most important ways that Curally brings value to a company
  • Ways you can measure ROI in the healthcare arena
  • Why long-term behavior modification is the only path to lasting change
  • And more!

You can watch the video of the interview above, or listen to the podcast.