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Addressing the Hidden Costs of Health Insurance on the HR Power Hour


The intangible benefits of a healthier, happier workforce are some of the greatest benefits Curally can provide to an organization, even going beyond the already substantial financial benefits. 

That was the primary topic of conversation when Curally CFO Jeremy Vesta joined Tawny Alvarez on the HR Power Hour, a weekly radio show and podcast that looks at important topics in the Human Resources world.

Vesta shared how the idea for Curally came from one of his family’s other businesses in manufacturing when an idea for a unique employee health management benefit proved to not only drive better health outcomes but also better business outcomes and cost savings.

The podcast conversation covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • How Curally’s approach differs from the standard “price-taker” approach to health
  • Why improved health leads to a more positive company culture 
  • Curally’s focus on small, incremental changes
  • Why cost-cutting on the margins is less effective than fundamental change
  • The importance of confidentiality and empathy in Curally’s approach
  • How Curally’s program has proven popular with union representatives
  • Curally’s financial benefits for both employees and employers

You can listen to the episode on the HR Power Hour podcast feed or at!